Product Development Manager for Data Acquisition and Innovation (PDM)


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About MSM Group

Through our four leading brands,,,, and, we are committed to providing our customers with the services and products they need to save money.

We provide a place for consumers and providers to come together. We ensure all our services, websites, and mobile apps are easy to use and transparent; we put our customers first.

Why Join the Group Data Acquisition and Innovation Team?

The team have a broad remit, working across the subsidiary Moneysupermarket Group brands as well as every team within each of these e.g. Technology, Commercial, Product, Finance, Audit, Risk, Legal, Service, Digital, Data Science, App, Customer complaints etc.

The makeup of the team include business and technical skills, although the expectation is that all members will have both of these in differing but increasing measures as they develop.

Some examples of the breadth include: customer outcome analysis, using the website to mimic how the customer uses it; working with external research and data organisations to find innovations to bring to the Group. Continuous improvements to existing propositions and channels.

The team help the Group acquire external data from various bodies. This can include various methods, ranging from API access through to (authorised) scraping of data.

There is a heavy emphasis on Innovation and making sure these are delivered into a Production environment.

What will I be doing?

Key Responsibilities:

  • Researching for data sources that various teams can make use of. This can be as diverse as Air pollution levels, Cost of owning a pet and Telematics to name just a few
  • Running R&D sessions with a number of external bodies – looking at how data can be used to simplify existing propositions; looking at new ways in which we can innovate with data to help our customers
  • Identifying commercial opportunities in relation to external data
  • Ensuring external data is being consumed correctly and the Group is getting the most value from it
  • Negotiating data contracts for the Group
  • Monitoring and investigating any data misuse; working with external partners to ensure customers are protected
  • Identifying the best technologies to perform the various data acquisition tasks
  • Investigating potential issues with external data usage
  • Data analysis and visualisations
  • Creating technical prototypes to showcase business opportunities
  • Producing benefits papers off the back of R&D
  • Evangelising Data and its importance throughout the Group
  • Working with external regulators to push Customer fairness and opportunities for the Group to help more customers save money
  • Supporting a number of teams to deliver propositions
  • Due diligence of 3rd parties in relation to data
  • Using MSM Group propositions like customers do; monitoring the customer outcome and identifying any anomalies and opportunities to both improve our businesses and aid the customer to save money.

What skills and experience do I need? ­­


  • Business literate – PCW, Insurance and Financial products etc.
  • Customer focussed
  • Analytical thinker
  • Knows the importance of building business and making decisions rooted from the data layer.
  • Someone who want to learn and develop new skills (business and data/technical).
  • A good understanding of the MSM Group business at a macro level as well as core business and metrics.
  • Proactive and self-motivated
  • Strong data analysis and literacy skills
  • Competency in database, data manipulation, analytics, reporting, BI and visualisation technologies
  • Good communication skills – capable of effective communication with internal and external bodies, both technology and business.
  • A natural curiosity to understand how things work – a forensic mind-set.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge Tableau and database technologies e.g. Vertica, MSSQL, Mongo
  • Knowledge of existing MSM data sources – EDW, Board, LTS, Area 51, ADM and MDM etc
  • Ability to consume data from APIs and create APIs for data access
  • Contractual negotiation skills

Contact information

Annaliese Spindlow

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